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Qualification Task for Benedikt Gocke



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      begocke (Dortmund) will work on re-implementing in release 21 the charm mis-tag rate calibration based on W+c events, paving the way for its use in release 22. This calibration method has been previously adopted in release 20.7 and documented in ATLAS-CONF-2018-055. The code for the preparation of the datasets and for the extraction of charm scale factors must be adapted to the infrastructure adopted for Run 2. In order to count on already-available tools and references, Benedikt will start by implementing the analysis in release 21. He will target a working prototype for the calibration of the DL1r tagger on EMPFlow jets; this will allow a comparison of his results with the ones obtained from the ttbar-based calibration for charm. If permitted by the evolution of the calibration environment in release 22, he will then port his code there, to be able to run the analysis on Run 2 reprocessed data. A possible final extension of this task is a preliminary study to understand how the event selection and method can be adapted for the calibration of VR-track jets. The progress will be reported in the Flavour Tagging calibration meetings and the corresponding software will be made available in GitLab.

      Start date: 15 February 2021

      Local supervisor: jerdmann

      Technical supervisor: vdao


      CC: cschiavi, alopezso, camacho

      Tagging W+c experts (x-sec and previous calib): fparodi, alaperto, Giulia Manco, fsforza, fgiuli, mvanadia




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