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Qualification Task for Soumyananda Goswami



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      sgoswami (Oklahoma) will work on the implementation the large radius tracking into the flavour tagging software and algorithms. Firstly he will include the additional tracks in the reconstruction chains of the various baseline algorithms; particular attention will be put on characterising the origin of the additional tracks with the goal of increasing reconstruction efficiency of b-hadron decays or veto material interactions. Subsequently he will work on modifying the baseline track selection to incorporate these new tracks.
      In second instance he will work on optimising the algorithms for the detection of long-lived b-hadron production signatures.
      All the developed procedures and corresponding software will be presented at FTag Software and Algorithms subgroup meetings, while code and its documentation will be made available in GitLab.

      Start date: 15th April 2021
      Local supervisor: khanov
      Technical supervisor: vdao
      Additional supervisor: biliu

      CC: cschiavi, fdibello, mguth


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