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Qualification Task for Frederic Renner



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      Frederic Renner (Humboldt)will work on the development of the soft muon tagger in release 22. Initially he will review the current implementation of the algorithm and adapt it to the changes required in the different release; this part includes optimisation of the muon selection cuts as well as determination of relevant discriminating variable.
      The second part will be dedicated to the inclusion of the algorithm feature in the multivariate algorithms chain; particular attention will be put to the possibility of flagging muon tracks in other algorithms as well as finding suitable flip-tagger definition for the existing SM information. If time permits, investigation of performance for soft electron algorithm could be considered.
      All the developed procedures and corresponding software will be presented at FTag Software and Algorithms subgroup meetings, while code and its documentation will be made available in GitLab.

      Start date: 15 April 2021
      Local supervisor: cleitgeb
      Technical supervisor: vdao

      CC: cschiavi, fdibello, mguth


        1. FTag_meeting_QT_update_SMT.pdf
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        2. FTAG_Shapley+rel_22_smt_variables.pdf
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        3. QT_Update_10.02.22.pdf
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        5. SMT_roadmap.pdf
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        6. SMT_summary_03.05.22_1.pdf
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