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Qualification Task for Jacob Crosby




      jcrosby (Oklahoma SU) will work on optimizing Flavour Tagging tools for the new release 21 implementation of the HL-LHC simulation. His main goal will be to extend the HL-LHC modifications already tested for low-level taggers, propagating them to the Flavour Tagging tools available in Run 2 and being developed for its reprocessing with release 22.
      He will contribute to the maintenance and the development of the framework to train the high-level taggers, with the primary goal to prepare the training of the DL1r and DL1d taggers. Particular focus will be put on handling the extended eta coverage of the upgraded tracker and on understanding the novel pile-up condition.
      Jacob will report his progress in the Flavour Tagging software and algorithms meetings and the corresponding software will be made available in GitLab and adequately documented in the ATLAS Software Documentation.

      Start date: 22 June 2021
      Local supervisor: khanov
      Technical supervisor: vdao

      CC: fdibellomguth, pgadow, sanmay, duperrin, thuffman


        1. DL1d for Upgrade QT_10_27.pdf
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        2. DL1d for Upgrade Workshop_Nov_2.pdf
          5.40 MB
        3. DL1drun420220930_tagger_plots.pdf
          8.12 MB
        4. DL1drun420221017_tagger_plots.pdf
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        5. FTAG Workshop Plots_Nov_2.pdf
          5.42 MB
        6. Highlevel Taggers HL-LHC Update _Aug_2.pdf
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        7. JIRA Update1.pdf
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        8. QT Introduction.pdf
          367 kB
        9. r23 Tagger Comparison.pdf
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