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b-jet scale factors from multijet events



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      hile (MSU) will work on the multi-jet data-based b-tagging efficiency calibration. As a first step, he will carry out follow-up studies using Run 2 dataset in rel22 (framework already migrated) such as the selection optimization to get familiar with the workflow.

      In rel22, two previously (rel21) separate calibrations, the pTrel (muon variable based) and high-pT (track variable based) calibrations are combined into one project sharing the same software infrastructure. Hieu will investigate the fitting strategy purely based on the muons to unify the method.

      The main deliverable of the AQP is to finish the Run 2 rel22 calibration of the new taggers (DL1d and GNN) and provide preliminary SFs. Better treatments of the semi-leptonic to inclusive extrapolation and uncertainties related with g->bb will be investigated as well.

      In addition, Hieu will also perform basic Run 3 data/MC checks the using the same framework. If enough lumi is accumulated, an optional task is to carry out the preliminary Run 3 calibration.

      The work will be done in the calibration subgroup. Software developments will be documented in the central calibration gitlap repo and an internal note will be used to document the calibration work. The progress will be reported in the FTAG calibration and plenary meetings. The main tasks of this AQP are marked in bold.

      Local supervisor: schwier
      Technical supervisor: biliu
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