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Large-R calibration in Z(bb)+jets/gamma



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      adanders will work on the determination of the signal efficiency calibration of the release 22 Xbb tagger using large-R radius jets containing Z(bb)+jets/gamma processes.

      He will join the team of the Z+gamma and Z+jets calibrations, with the initial goal to migrate the existing code from release 21 to release 22. The final deliverable will be data-to-simulation efficiency scale factors. The task includes working on the NTUP and histogram production for the data analysis, including all needed systematic uncertainties, performing the fit in the large-R jet mass observable in the tagged and the signal strength calculation in the leptonic selection.. He will work in conjunction with other students to provide required information for the CDI production.

      If time allows, he will work on the scale factors extrapolation for larger pT regions.

      The progress will be reported in the Xbb tagger and Flavour tagging calibration meetings. Corresponding software should be made available in the central gitlab repository, and adequate documentation should be provided.

      ATLAS supervisor: fdibello
      Local supervisor: gcallea

      Tagging: arelycg and changqia




            adanders Adam Campbell Anderson
            fdibello Francesco Armando Di Bello
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