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Study Flipped Taggers



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      The student (yinmiao) will work on establishing a new a procedure to check and improve the usage of flipped taggers.

      In more details, he will work on the following topics:

      • Improve the plotting scripts in puma comparing performance in r22 and r21 in close contact with calibration subgroup. Then, automate the plotting scripts, so that when there is an update tagger, the scripts can be run whenever new samples are dumped.
      • Study the correlations between the flip tagger and the nominal tagger closely. For instance, checking the migration of jets when switching from the nominal tagger to the flipped tagger. This will eventually result in a more sophisticated definition of the flipped tagger operating point, which brings smaller nominal-to-flip extrapolation uncertainty.
      • Establish a fast evaluation and validation workflow for the flipped tagger performance, based on the existing prototype. It will allow us to evaluate the flip tagger performance in a standalone way, to cross check with the Athena implementation, and quickly check the flipped tagger whenever a new tagger is trained.

      All the above tasks will be carried out using the central FTAG workflows with clear documentation. The work will be presented in the Algorithm sub-group meeting and Software meeting. The technical details will be documented in an internal note (R&D study) and the developed software will be documented in git.

      532770 Performance Studies - Flavour Tagging
      556629 Performance Studies for Flavour Tagging

      Local supervisor:Yanwen Liu
      Thecnical supervisor: Francesco Di Bello




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