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      The student (johessle ) will work on the c-jet calibration analysis in rel22. based on l+jets events The final goal will be to provide a set of SF for Dl1d and the GN1 tagger. In detail the student will work on the following steps:

      1. He will get confident with the derivation format used for the analysis and will check that in rel22 all the necessary input variables are present.

      2. He will produce tuples using the analysis framework, which is based on AnalysisTop. This will require interactions with the other calibrations team, specifically the b-jet calibration team, to make sure all the recommendations for rel22 are set up correctly. Tuples will have to be produced for the RUN3 2022 dataset as for RUN2 these already exist.

      3. He will optimize the event selection of the analysis. In particular, he will work to replace the existing KLFitter algorithm used in the analysis which is not supported anymore by the Top group.

      4. He will run the fit to derive the final efficiency of c-jets in data, including the full list of systematic uncertainties for both Dl1d and GN1 tagger.

      5. If time allows, the fit will be extended to simultaneously calibrate b- and c-jets using the same l+jets topology.

      6. If time allows, the workflow will be implemented into REANA for automation of the calibration.

      The work will be documented in the form of an internal note and progresses will be reported at the FTAG calibration meeting and FTAG plenaries.

      technical supervisor: fdibello
      local supervisors: skluth, britzger




            johessle Johannes Hessler
            fdibello Francesco Armando Di Bello
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