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Copyright clarification



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    • Affects Version/s: gfal 2.13.3
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      As you know I package gfal2 for Debian. Debian is very careful about copyright and licensing, and my latest upload of gfal2 to Debian (2.13.3-1) was rejected because the copyright information was considered to be insufficient by the Debian administrators.

      In the debian/copyright file I have the following:

      Files: *
       CERN 2013-2017
       Members of the EMI Collaboration 2010-2013
       See http://www.eu-emi.eu/partners for details on the copyright
      License: Apache-2.0

      This corresponds to the content of the LICENSE file:

       * Copyright (c) CERN 2013-2017
       * Copyright (c) Members of the EMI Collaboration. 2010-2013
       *  See  http://www.eu-emi.eu/partners for details on the copyright
       *  holders.

      except I somehow managed to miss the last word "holders" - but that was not the reason for the rejection. The rejection was due to referring to the website for more information:

      "Sorry I'm going to have to reject your package as there are too many missing references in debian/copyright. For example, the CERN stuff. I do notice that you write "See http://www.eu-emi.eu/partners for details on the copyright" but that's not really suitable (ie. that page can bitrot/change/not available offline/ etc. etc.)"

      One way to fix this would be to replace the website reference with information about the copyright holders copied from the site. However, the site is no longer up and running, so the Debian administrators' complaint is actually very valid.

      What is yor opinion on how to update the copyright statement to no longer refer to a defunct website?




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